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We're not here to sell you anything.

We're not here to sell your data. There are no ads, pop-ups or anything being flogged at you. We're independent, impartial, and a trusted New Zealand brand.

Sorted is a free service powered by CFFC, the government-funded, independent agency dedicated to helping New Zealanders get ahead financially. You can learn more about what we do and why on the CFFC website, or contact us directly at office@sorted.org.nz. 

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Get that Sorted feeling

It feels great to have your money sorted – that comfortable and confident feeling of getting ahead financially and making the most of your money situation. Sorted is here to help you enjoy that feeling. Sorted is for you – it’s your independent, impartial voice on money matters. 

As New Zealand’s trusted personal finance site, Sorted has the tools and information you need to tackle debt, plan and budget, save and invest, dial up your KiwiSaver, plan for retirement, protect what's important, and manage a mortgage. No matter where you are at when it comes to money – just starting your first job or wrapping up a successful career – Sorted lets you fine-tune your finances and get ahead moneywise.

For now, you'll need a separate login to save Sorted tools. We're working on it!

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Sorted in your community

Sorted can offer a range of tools and materials to help get your community sorted.

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We encourage organisations to use our calculators on their intranets and websites for the benefit of their employees and customers. 

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Your Sorted Sessions guides 

Diverse by design - we're here to walk with you on your money journey to living sorted.

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Please read our Terms and Conditions - by participating in Sorted Sessions, you're agreeing to these terms.

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