Wherever you’re at with your money, our six topics will get you asking yourself the right questions to get you Sorted for the long-haul. Explore the topics below.

Money Mind

You’ll get clear on why you make the decisions you do with your money. This will allow you to choose strategies and plans that work with your money personality, not against it.

Money Mind Sessions

Money beliefs (10 mins)

Keeping track of my dosh (10 mins)

Talk about it (10 mins)

My financial roadmap (10 mins)


What’s important to you? Take a look at your spending to ensure you’re sending your money where you want it to go. You’ll discover how to build a spending plan that works - and that you’ll want to stick to.

Spending Sessions

Priorities (10 mins)

Spending leaks (10 mins)

Create a budget (15 mins)

Staying on track (10 mins)

Retirement and KiwiSaver

Get to know your future self. Find out how much you’ll need in retirement, and put a plan in place to get there.

Retirement and KiwiSaver Sessions

Dreaming of retirement (10 mins)

Running the numbers (15 mins)

Making your money last (15 mins)


Know what you’re getting into and where to go for help. Make a plan to get out of debt and get that debt-free feeling!

Debt Sessions

You and debt (10 mins)

The true cost of debt (10 mins)

Get out of debt fast (15 mins)

Your rights (10 mins)

Make a plan (5 mins)


Choose what’s right for you and put protection in place for yourself and your loved ones. You’ll be grateful when things turn pear-shaped, knowing you’ve got it sorted.

Protect Sessions

Protecting what's important (10 mins)

Protect your people (10 mins)

Protect your money and your things (10 mins)

Are you covered? (5 mins)

Save and Invest

Getting ahead is about making your money work for you. Build your confidence with saving and investing strategies. The best time to start may have passed, but the second-best time is today!

Save and Invest Sessions

Grow your money (7 mins)

Getting ahead with savings (7 mins)

Investor smarts (15 mins)

Get investing (5 mins)